MAR 2020

The coronavirus situation has gotten a lot more serious than most people expected, and it

has become apparent that it is in all of our best interest to spend some time in self-isolation

to help put a stop to the spread of this nasty disease.

We’re pretty sure this is a dream come true for introverts who get goosebumps when

someone cancels some plans on them, and they can just chill between their four walls

without having to do any peopling. But for others who can’t stand the idea of having to spend

an hour alone or those who are simply addicted to being outdoors, self-isolation and

quarantine can feel like a straight up nightmare!

Luckily, staying at home doesn’t have to be boring and there is always some interesting stuff

we can do, not only to pass the time, but also to have some fun!


1. Do some exercise! Sure, the gyms are all closed right now, but that shouldn’t be stopping

you from breaking your daily sweat. If you feel like you just can’t motivate yourself to do

some sit-ups or yoga without a personal trainer, there’s like a gazillion fitness videos on

YouTube that you can work out to!


2. Cook for yourself and your family! The internet is an endless ocean of recipes and all the

cooking shows you can think of. Just pick your favorite cuisine, do a bit of googling, fire up

that stove, and use all this free time to become an expert cook!


3. Read a new book! With today’s way of life being so fast-paced, it often feels like the only

things we read are work documents and way-too-long comments on Facebook. So, use this

time off to put your phone down, kick your feet up, and dive into that paperback that has

been staring at you from the shelf for the past year. Heck, why not make it a trilogy?!


4. If you’re feeling crafty, make yourself some homemade soap! The number one

recommendation these days is to wash your hands, so if there is anything that has been

cleared from the supermarkets, it has to be soap! We’re sure that you’ve already stocked up

and won’t really need to make any of your own, but actually, it’s pretty fun! Just google a few

recipes and get to it!


5. Play some board games! Board games are an awesome way to spend some quality time

with your family and they are fun for people of all ages. So, break out that Monopoly board

and start buying out those properties and building those hotels! Or, if you want to play

something simpler, go head to head in a game of checkers. If you don’t have any board

games available at home, there is an almost endless list of social games you can play with

just a pen and paper!